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Transformers: Age of Extinction Soundtrack CD. Transformers: Age of Extinction Soundtrack

Transformers: Age of Extinction lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

February, 12th 2017

Transformers: Age of Extinction album description:

Michael Bay loves and knows how to shoot very entertaining movies. With budget of USD 210 M, it gathered USD 1104 million. This made it to be one of the most commercially successful films in the history of cinematography. Let its soundtrack (composed by Steve Jablonsky) is not as epic and heartfelt like Fast and Furious 7 has, but here none of the co-starred artists died. So there is less real emotions and maximum number of special effects. They seem to have eaten the lion's share of the budget.
In this film, we meet four types of transformers and two kinds of people: good and bad ones. And, of course, sweat beauty that is wanted by all male’s audience. On the appearance of whom (and whose fifth point, in particular) attention constantly draws in the course of the plot. Standard set. What is not standard in the film – a constant computer graphics, from the beginning to the end. Sometimes it takes the whole picture and all action is going on for so long that you get tired of it already. But, of course, everything is spectacular and Michael Bay once again proved that he is a genius, speaking of blockbusters’ implementation.
Racing Glaciers, opening a collection, not only has a contradictory name, but played phenomenally good. MC Hammer brought some pepper of old good sound (with his U Can't Touch This). Daybreak is a Chinese pop. Unusual. Composition Heartbreaker became a hallmark of the film, which is intended to fall in love with it before the screen action starts, from abundance of which you simply suffocate.
There are rumors in the press about of at least two sequels of the film. In such circumstances – a huge commercial success and unceasing public interest – it would be foolish not to release at least one more. It must bring 700 M, not less. And that will allow talking of sequel.

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