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Tomorrowland Album Cover

“Tomorrowland” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Tomorrowland” Track List with Lyrics

A charming film from Disney, which every year makes high-quality movies with box offices surpassing most of the other studios’ films. Charming androids, more humane than some other people, addictive acting of George Clooney, although he seems a little tired through the entire movie. Futuristic film about the upcoming years, about the relationships, and, in general, about what it means to be a human. In recent years, films from Disney are more thought-through and humane than most films of the other major studios, well, maybe, except of Pixar studio. However, it is not surprising, because Disney always loved stories that prompt reflection – of family, friendship, community, global society, good and bad. This motion picture has it all.
Well, because the films from this studio cannot be not colorful, it is best to watch it on the big screen, and to listen to the soundtrack for it with headphones, because there a lot of instrumental music with trumpets and beautiful transitions. You involuntarily transported into the universe of Disney with its flying characters like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, while listening to these melodies. People fly lots in this film too, even seemingly in quite unsuitable things for this, like a bath.
Known by the «Inside out» film, composer Michael Giacchino created music for this movie too. Recognizable style – hasteless notes, confident and beautiful transitions, adjusts you to a contemplative mood when you just want to enjoy what is happening on the screen. Most bright melodies here are Edge of Tomorrowland and There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. Youngest children will love It's A Small World, which, moreover, is performed in 6 different styles, at least. A redone theme from the Star Wars movie is a balm for the souls to all fans of this once trilogy, then – sixlogy, and now, apparently, septilogy.

December, 10th 2016


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