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This Is Where I Leave You Soundtrack CD. This Is Where I Leave You Soundtrack

This Is Where I Leave You lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

February, 04th 2017

This Is Where I Leave You album description:

At her age, Jane Fonda made herself such a breast that has outdone many young girls. In the course of the film there are many jokes released on the subject. She looks younger here than in the movie with Jennifer Lopez several years ago, where she was trying to spoil the wedding of her son.
But the essence of the film is not in this detail. There are many family relationships, both old and new. Betrayal, grief, joy, sorrow and pleasure of something new. This film is a brief summary of the average person's life, expressed in a few days, concentrated for the motion picture.
There are plenty of talking in the story about life, past, present and future. About the people and what they are and what their actions are. It is about the circle of life. It has lots of ... other stuff you should watch yourself. This film is for those who simply like movies without any special effects. Where the salt is life in many facets of its manifestation and actions that we perform.
The film is not completely sad, but the music is matched to it in such a way to make it grief, as it seems to us. At least, in the collection of 8 tracks there is not even one that would carry a positive charge. All either calm or slow (e.g., Blue Mind), or very slow (Reign Of Love is a vivid example). The only song that gives a moderate drive is On Your Own.
Coldplay and INXS sang very cool and tasty, but in strict accordance with the character of the entire collection. If you did not know up to this point what kind of music collection you want to play for a wonderful evening with a loved one and a bottle of Grappa, it is precisely this collection will be your best assistant. A total of eight songs, but they create a good mood for many hours to come. You are welcome! ;)
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