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The Rover Soundtrack CD. The Rover Soundtrack

The Rover lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

January, 27th 2017

The Rover album description:

17 songs included in the collection, which does not please us at all. The reason for that – only 9 of them are not instrumental and those that left were created in the genre of cacophony (Time is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity), a home video (Backpack) or blues (Do I Worry?). Other genres, such as, gospel – are abhorrent at the quality.
There are no artists with big names. All instrumental melodies performed by Colin Stetson, which is also kind of not really well-known. Performer of the opening song in the collection used for her stage name the acronym (changeling) from the name of Lady Ga Ga – Gabby La La. One-to-one for those who like such non-random coincidences. And yet it is said that one performer that borrowed the name has not a bit of imagination.
What is interesting about the movie? Perhaps, nothing special, except for the game of actors who are trying to protect their property, surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. According to the story, the entire global economic system collapsed 10 years ago. Survivors try to make ends meet somehow in this world, relying on the power of the fist and weapons. In fact, no rules remained, except the right of the strongest. This is a real anti-fairy tale for those who believe that, after all factors that lead to the destruction of humanity, the survivors still will give a damn about the rules and principles. Sometime in the past scientists even conducted secret experiments showing that before the man rolled to the level of bestial degradation amazingly little time passes. All civilizational plaque disappears in a few days or even hours if you really want to survive. The world depicted on screen, perhaps, the most approximate to the one that can expect all of us.

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