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The One I Love Soundtrack CD. The One I Love Soundtrack

The One I Love lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

January, 30th 2017

The One I Love album description:

When the collection of songs to any film has only five or less melodies, you may ask a question – what is wrong with it? Here we also have 5 compositions (except for one instrumental). Quite incomprehensible story about some boring couple that finds some amusement in their guesthouse. A whole crowd of critics says that this film is bright, interesting and exciting. Well, maybe it is. Everyone has their own idea about entertainment. Maybe they haven’t’ seen “The Mask” or “Home Alone”, for example? For us personally, the sample of fascinating film is “The Mad Max: Fury Road”, but critics spat it. May the devil understand these critics what they think anyway.
There are songs of the country music genre nearly all the collection (Bye Bye Baby or Roses Grow Thorns and others). Most of all we liked the style of the singer Matraca Berg, which is almost unknown outside the United States. Another interesting instance, which creates the same genre of music – Miwi La Lupa. It is difficult even to imagine a full name of this artist knowing that this is a man.
Song Dedicated To The One I Love is the only incompletely country music in this soundtrack, as it blended with notes of rock and roll. Listened well when you know that this song is the creation of the distant 1966. 3 years before Woodstock.
Instrumental melody, the only in this volume, written by Mozart. It was used for the trailer for this film. It seems to us that the trailer is the most exciting that you can find in this motion picture. We may be wrong, but usually it doesn’t happen.

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