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The Inbetweeners Soundtrack CD. The Inbetweeners Soundtrack

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The Inbetweeners lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2011



Clunge in a Barrel (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

Do It (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

Feel So Close

Calvin Harris 

Fernando's Theme (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

Gimme Love

The Vines 

Gone Up In Flames

Morning Runner 

He Shoots He Scores

The Inbetweeners 

Introduce Yourself

The Inbetweeners 

Mental Holiday

The Inbetweeners 

Moanatronic 5000 (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 


Everything Everything 

No Problemo (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

Nothing But Love


Party All Night / Sleep All Day

Sean Kingston 

Pussay Patrol (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 


Miles Kane 

Smack In The Balls

The Inbetweeners 

To The Pussay (Instrumental)

The Inbetweeners 

Twenty Euros (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

Twenty Miles

Deer Tick 

Two Man Job

Blake Harrison as Neil 

Waving Not Drowning (Instrumental)

Mike Skinner 

We Are Go

Mike Skinner feat. Laura Vane 

We No Speak Americano

Yolanda Be Cool 

Whatever It Takes

The D.O.T. 

You're A Virgin

The Inbetweeners