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The Birth of a Nation Album Cover

“The Birth of a Nation” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“The Birth of a Nation” Track List with Lyrics

This film starts on October 7, and it tells the story of one of the bloodiest massacres of the black population in the newest US history after the Independence Day of 1776. It describes the rebellion, which was suppressed (as many other black rebellions, as out of 24 only 6 throughout the world were successful). During the event, slaves killed around 60 whites, but just within two days of August were slashed and sentenced to death. In the aftermath, up to 260 black slaves and citizens were killed in this city and in the neighborhoods. The country in general adopted many new discrimination rules that narrowed the circle of freedoms of black citizens and harshly widened already existing slavery borders.
This event is outstanding because it was one of many huge ones that contributed into the abolition of the slavery in years later. It is definitely not as loud as the famous Sitting Strike, which generally led to abolition as one of the hugest droplets in an already over-the-edges cup of inter-color sufferance, but it is one of the bloodiest things, which definitely must be told to the public.
There is a trend that might have been noticed by a reasonable and observant person – during the late years, there were many films about abolition, starting from fantastic Jango Unchained and Selma to this film. We hope that the story will encourage many more new stories to be told, as there are much more suppressed rebellions in the US nation and worldwide left unrevealed.
As for the music, there are big names: Lil Wayne, Nina Simone, and Pusha T. The most part is in line with the story, like Black Moses, Forward, and Raise Hell with outstanding lyrics. Generally, we are impressed by lyrics and the way of feed of magnificent song of On My Own by Lecrae, Leon Bridges, sang by husky voice.

October, 07th 2016


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