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Zwan - Where Were You lyrics

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Where Were You by Zwan

Your so close,
but you seem so distant.
Your hand stretched out,
I'm afraid to take it.
Why wont you reveal
The truth thats in you?
Help me to trust in you.
I need you to get me through.
Where were you
the last time they faught?
Where were you
when that child was killed?
Where were you
when I needed you the most?
Where were you
when im on my knees?
I know your there,
but you wont listen.
The pain and suffering,
its your decision.
Why won't you answer
my longing pleads for help?
You just watch as a fall.
Don't need your help to get up.
I'm crying now.
Face down on the ground.
Don't know what to do.
All hope is lost now.
You'll never understand
all the things that I've planned.
Please get me through this.
My final request.

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