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Zhu - Faded (Remix) lyrics

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Faded (Remix) by Zhu

Zoning out,
Impaired a little with patron and wow,
Only planned on a drink or two with multiplies,
Sort of made me think of you I won't decide,
To look away 'cuz you got them looks to kill,
They're the rights that beat wrong if I stood still,
But Medusa, got me like a statue, blessed of a linen red dress 'scuse me cuz I'm at you.
Hot tub faded know I might not make it,
"Do I like her" I like to see her naked,
Baby blame it on the alcohol,
Yeah 'imma stand up God catch me 'cuz I'm about to fall
For you, but scr*pe my knees in the process, I'm working with a monster
I think I found a lochness God yes, she's a goddess,
I guess then I give up on thinking, but really I'm thinking,
I'm thinking like
[Chorus x4:]
Baby, I'm wasted, all I wanna do is drive home to you
Baby, I'm faded, all I wanna do is take you downtown
Ahhh, sittin' back with this cup like (only)
Somebody gotta help me get up right,
Loosen up my 'G you looking up tight,
Not me I'm a little sloppy
In the Puerto Rican world mami call me papi,
Aub abla English and apoko Spanish,
Moy calinente neiow lets vanish
and get away from this place they ain't no need to panic.
Ready yo-alarm and ready your charm-a,
Feeling lucky roll a 7 seeing your on my arm-a,
You are the one (wasted),
Had to get the white boy (wasted),
Drinking out the bottle could barely taste it (wasted),
Thinkin' she a model could use a facelift (what),
Now finger you got it, it came,
For your momma the geneticst and you bought it forget it
Cuz you the hottest we might as well skip the, got it.
And I could use a cab I don't know how I'm getting home,
Driving ain't an option 'cuz you know I've been sippin,
'Til you haven't met my chippin',
Wait up lemme take a cab I'm (wasted),
Lemme get it together sober up 'cuz only time will tell,
You haven't said benelovent 'cuz you fine as hell,
Irrelevant, for anyone thinking they could kill our vibe,
Maybe this music's too loud.
So pump up the bass in this place 'til I can't find my face,
Shuffling to the song got me running in place,
The body kicked us out luckily I'm a black belt,
But I finna pass out,
Gassed out, 'cuz I'm only,
Out of mo-ney, why you leaving the club,
You wanna eat, I got cash shorty even a dub,
You wanna roll? Yes/No, OK hit me with a maybe,
It still got me stunk from carpets and I'm saying (BABY)
[Chorus x4]

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