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Zero Hour - Fading lyrics

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Fading by Zero Hour

Every single night
As I walk alone
Down the empty streets
That I call my own
The rain is falling lightly
Resting on my head
The streets are cold and empty
The city lights are dead
A thunder clap is heard
In the brooding sky
The lightning flashes past
Lighting up my eyes
I see the broken skyline
Calling me to play
A savage voice is singing
I can’t turn away
Through the empty building
To the hollow sound
Echoes in the darkness
Screaming all around
Lingering temptation
Followed close by death
I know your coming nearer
I can feel your breath
Save Me!
Running through the darkness
In an empty room
Running through the shadows
Of my living tomb
The lights are fading faster
Falling into ash
The PHANTOMS are returning
Screaming from my past
The thunder clap is passing
Crumbling away
With the sudden silence
I see the light of day
The light of dawn is coming
Rising in the morn
Giving me a shelter
From this voice of scorn
As the doors they open
I run into the day
The voice of shadow follows
It will not go away
The night of storm is chasing
Running at my heels
I try to awaken
This can not be real
Screaming at the shadows
Make this nightmare stop
I run out of the building
As the rain begins to drop
Finally it is over
Finally I am free
I am in the sunlight
The voice can’t follow me
I still hear the whisper
Calling me to play
I will not be taken
So I turn away

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