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Towers Lyrics

Zach Bryan


Towers by Zach Bryan

  • Artist: Zach Bryan
  • Album: The Great American Bar Scene
  • Track Number: 14
  • Release Date: July 4, 2024
  • Producers: Jacquire King & Zach Bryan
  • Label: Belting Bronco Records, Warner Records

Annotations and Meaning

Zach Bryan's Towers explores themes of longing, transformation, and time, with a focus on introspection and connection. The song is a moving discussion of personal development and the bittersweet nature of following one's aspirations. Bryan begins the song by requesting that something gentle be played because he is lonesome while being separated by an ocean. The image of "sparklin' towers" that glow black when seen alone conveys a sense of solitude despite being surrounded by beauty. He compares the towers to a mountain overlooking the sea, asking if the mountain is stronger than his band and himself. Bryan exhibits resilience, admitting that he is not a victim of naive dreams but wishes for a loved one to see the "damned old sparklin' things." This demonstrates a need for shared experiences and the presence of someone close to him. The chorus emphasizes the journey of life with lines such as "It's a long road to heaven" and "It's a far drop to hell," implying the extremes of life's experiences. Bryan prays to outlive the figurative fountain, expressing his desire for longevity and durability. The stronger folks continue to go forward regardless of their history, and the lights on the sparklin' towers signify moments and places he may never see again, underlining the fleeting aspect of life. Bryan muses on personal transformation in the second verse, stating that he is no longer the same person he was yesterday. His current experiences will never be the same. He raises philosophical concerns about God's nature, such as if God is a person, blinking lights in a cityscape, or laughing and sounds in uncharted locations. These questions represent his introspection and pursuit of significance in his experiences. The outro continues this philosophical inquiry, asking whether God is the sound of faraway creaks in the morning or the passage of time. Bryan takes in life, acknowledging his physical vibrancy while considering deeper existential problems.

Lyrical Analysis

The lyrics of Towers are full with imagery and philosophical ideas. The first visual of "sparklin' towers" that appear dark when viewed alone captures the dichotomy of beauty and solitude. Bryan's analogy of the mountain's rock to his band's power implies a reflection on perseverance and the hardships they confront. The chorus's opposing images of heaven and hell underscore the idea that life is full of highs and lows. The statement "pray we outlive this fountain" might be understood as a desire to persevere beyond transitory difficulties. The lights atop the towers represent moments of beauty and significance that may never be repeated, emphasizing the transience of experiences. The second verse's reflection on personal change and the nature of God adds depth to the song. Bryan's concerns regarding God's personhood, blinking lights, and the sound of laughter indicate a yearning for purpose and insight in his life. This philosophical musing relates to the overarching theme of seeking connection and insight in a fleeting world. The outro emphasizes similar ideas, with Bryan asking whether God may be discovered in ordinary sounds or the slow passage of time. His discovery of his own vitality while contemplating these fundamental problems gives the song a personal and contemplative quality.

Technical information

Jacquire King and Zach Bryan developed Towers, which combines country and singer-songwriter genres. The instrumentation consists of guitar, bass, electric guitar, drums, violin, and piano, resulting in a rich, layered sound that matches the song's reflective lyrics. The addition of backing vocals and a choir enhances the track's depth and sense of community thought. Bryan's captivating storytelling and philosophical thoughts transform Towers into a profound exploration of personal growth, resilience, and the search for meaning in life's transitory moments. His passionate speech, combined with the song's rich instrumentation, creates a fascinating narrative that appeals to listeners on many levels.

Towers Song Lyrics

Towers by Zach Bryan

Four, three, two, one

[Verse 1]
Play me something gently, I'm across the ocean missin' home
There are lights on sparklin' towers that shine dark when seen alone
Somewhere there's a mountain that overlooks the sea
I wonder if that mountain's got more rock than my band and me
And I ain't no victim to a naive boy's dreams
But I wish you were here now to see these damned old sparklin' things

It's a long road to heaven (Long road)
It's a far drop to hell
I pray we outlive this fountain (Pray we outlive)
I reckon time will tell
The stronger folks keep goin'
No matter where they've been (No matter where they've been)
And there are lights on sparklin' towers
That I'll never see again (I'll never see them again)

[Verse 2]
I am not the person that I was yesterday
And the things I'm seeing now will never be the same
Do you think God's a person or the blinking lights?
That reflect in her eyes while she walks these streets at night
Do you think God’s a person or is He just the sound
Of laughter through the walls in a place I haven't found?
It's a long road to heaven (Long road)
It's a far drop to hell
I pray we outlive this fountain
I reckon only time can tell
The stronger folks keep goin'
No matter where they've been (No matter where they've been)
There are lights on sparklin' towers
That I'll never see again

Do you think God's a person or is He just the sound
Of early mornin' creakin''on some floors way out of town?
I'm breathin' in a life and my legs are workin' fine
Do you think God's a person or the slowly passin' time?

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