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Music Video

Oak Island Lyrics

Zach Bryan


Song Facts

  • Genre: Country
  • Album: The Great American Bar Scene (2024)
  • Recorded at: From Instagram

Artist Info

Zach Bryan is a prominent character in the contemporary country music scene. He is from Oklahoma and is noted for his heartfelt stories and natural tone. His songs frequently express personal experiences and deep emotions, which connect with a large audience. Bryan's career has been distinguished by a string of critically lauded albums, including his 2024 release, The Great American Bar Scene.

Annotations and Meaning

. In the first stanza, Zach Bryan introduces the narrator as a rail tie worker about to leave. The chilly ground represents a harsh and terrible life. The statement of boys in Carolina calling him out by name implies a rough history or unfinished business for the narrator to settle. The idea that he will not be beaten indicates a strong will to overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead. The second verse conveys a moving message to the narrator's family. He asks someone to express his affection for his mother and brother, recognizing their strong family relationship. The reference to his father's disastrous bargain with those guys on Oak Island creates a sense of danger and urgency. The threat of the boys finding his father if the debt is not paid heightens the story's drama and stakes. The chorus stresses the narrator's determination to face the challenge front on. The picture of "blood in the mud" emphasizes the strong family bonds and harsh reality they encounter. The narrator's determination to ensure that his family does not live on the run demonstrates a sense of honor and protection. In the third stanza, the narrator describes an encounter at Jay's Tavern, where he recognizes the Oak Island boys based on their appearance. His brother's association with these dangerous people complicates matters further. The narrator's commitment to keep his sibling away from Oak Island demonstrates his protective instincts. However, the brother's admission of having bad blood with those on Oak Island indicates the unavoidable nature of their situation. The chorus's repetition reinforces the narrator's commitment to tackle the challenges ahead at any cost. The thought that "the worst is yet to come" represents an imminent conflict and the possibility of violence, as well as an unflinching will to stand up for family.

Song Meaning as Personal Reflection

Oak Island by Zach Bryan is a compelling story about family, loyalty, and going to great measures to protect loved ones. The song conveys the essence of rural life, including its frequently harsh reality. The protagonist's transformation from a rail tie worker to a man motivated to settle scores and protect his family exemplifies a strong sense of responsibility and tenacity. The song's dramatic arc, from the first departure to the ultimate confrontation, is fraught with tension and emotion. Bryan's narrative talent shines through as he creates vivid images of his environment and the people in his life. The reoccurring subject of "blood in the mud" emphasizes the value of family relationships and the sacrifices required to maintain them. Overall, Oak Island demonstrates the strength of familial love and the unwavering spirit needed to overcome life's hardships. The song speaks to anyone who understands the difficulties of devotion, obligation, and the intense protection of those we care about.

Oak Island Song Lyrics

Oak Island by Zach Bryan

[Verse 1]
Rail tie worker, I've been laying ties on cold ground
But I'm leaving this evening on the same tracks I laid down
There's some boys out in Carolina that are calling me out by name
I got a reason to believe I ain't going down anyway

[Verse 2]
And if you're readin' this letter, tell my mother and my brother that I love 'em
They've got the better blood of my old man and our cousins
But he made a bad deal with some boys out on Oak Island
And if he don't pay, they say they'rе bound to find him

But if I find 'em on that island first
The worst is yet to comе
'Cause no blood in the mud I was raised in spends
Life on the run

[Verse 3]
And I went to Jay's tavern and it happens that those boys were there
Recognized his backside from the color of our mother's hair
And my brother found another way to make himself a decent little livin'
He turned around and found himself a lickin' only blood could give him
And I told him I was there to keep him clear of that island
He said, "I love you Mickey, but I found out that I'm new
And I got bad blood with some blood out on Oak Island"
And if he stays, I say I am bound to find him
But if I find 'em on that island first
The worst is yet to come
'Cause no blood in the mud I was raised in spends
Life on the run

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