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Music Video

Memphis; The Blues Lyrics

Zach Bryan


Memphis; The Blues by Zach Bryan featuring John Moreland

  • Artist: Zach Bryan
  • Album: The Great American Bar Scene
  • Track Number: 10
  • Release Date: July 4, 2024
  • Producers: Jacquire King & Zach Bryan
  • Featuring: John Moreland
  • Label: Belting Bronco Records, Warner Records

Annotations and Meaning

Memphis; The Blues is a collaboration between Zach Bryan and John Moreland that delves into themes of longing, nostalgia, and the enduring power of music and love. The song intertwines the soulful essence of Memphis with personal reflections and shared experiences. The opening verse by Zach Bryan sets the tone with the image of rain falling on a summer morning, fogging up the rear window of his '67 car. This nostalgic scene contrasts with the physical ailments he describes, hinting at a life lived hard. The reference to Beale Street boys playing music underscores the cultural backdrop of Memphis, known for its rich musical heritage. In the second verse, Bryan continues with a blend of melancholy and desire. He references B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" and Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender," linking his personal experiences to these iconic songs. The verse captures a sense of longing and the emotional weight of love and loss, ending with a mutual appreciation for Otis Redding, reinforcing the song's connection to Memphis' musical legacy. The chorus, "I need you like Memphis the blues," is a powerful metaphor for an essential, almost primal need. It likens the emotional necessity of a loved one to the fundamental role of blues music in Memphis, emphasizing the depth of his yearning. John Moreland's verse adds another layer of introspection and raw emotion. He speaks of trying on different lives to find the right fit, evoking a sense of searching and transformation. The imagery of a skeleton key and chain around the heart suggests deep emotional connections and past traumas. The mention of church bells and Gabriel's horn ties the personal to the divine, hinting at mortality and the fleeting nature of life. The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the central theme of deep emotional need. The instrumental break allows the listener to absorb the song's rich musical atmosphere, steeped in the traditions of blues and Americana. The song concludes with a final chorus and an outro that candidly captures a moment of agreement and shared understanding between the two artists.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of Memphis; The Blues are deeply evocative, painting a picture of emotional landscapes intertwined with the cultural richness of Memphis. The opening verse's rain and foggy windows create a nostalgic, almost cinematic atmosphere. Bryan's mention of physical ailments juxtaposed with musical references highlights the duality of pain and beauty in life. In the second verse, the allusions to B.B. King and Elvis Presley serve to root the song in the musical traditions of Memphis while also reflecting Bryan's personal emotional journey. The mutual love for Otis Redding adds a layer of shared cultural and emotional heritage. The chorus's repetition emphasizes the depth of the emotional connection, using the metaphor of Memphis and the blues to convey an almost existential need. John Moreland's verse complements Bryan's with its introspective and confessional tone. The vivid imagery of cracked skies, cold winds, and pictures on the wall creates a sense of enduring hardship and resilience. The skeleton key around the neck and the chain around the heart symbolize deep emotional scars and the quest for connection and meaning. The final chorus and outro bring the song full circle, reinforcing the central theme of enduring emotional need and the power of shared musical and personal experiences.

Technical Information

Memphis; The Blues is produced by Jacquire King and Zach Bryan, featuring a blend of country, blues, and Americana influences. The instrumentation includes guitar, bass, resonator guitar, nylon string guitar, and drums, creating a rich, immersive sound that complements the song's lyrical depth. Bryan's and Moreland's evocative storytelling and heartfelt delivery make Memphis; The Blues a poignant exploration of longing, love, and the enduring power of music. Their ability to weave personal and cultural narratives into a cohesive and emotionally resonant song adds depth and authenticity to the track.

Memphis; The Blues Song Lyrics

Memphis; The Blues by Zach Bryan

Rain started fallin' on the roof that mornin'
It was early summertime
We fogged up the rear window of my '67
Three-hundred, in-line
My lungs have been hurtin' and it's likely
My liver has taken a lickin' too
Them Beale Street boys are handy
With a clap on four and two

[Verse 2: Zach Bryan]
The thrill is gone so slow and easy
Won't you love me tender?
The way you move's a drug
And I am on a lifelong bender
So rest them tired eyes
And let your dress fall to the ground
We're the only onеs left
Who love Otis in this town

[Chorus: Zach Bryan]
I need you like Mеmphis the blues
I need you like Memphis the blues

[Verse 3: John Moreland]
Cracked up skies, tried on a couple lives
To find the one that fit
Cold wind comin' and the heat quit runnin'
But you keep my candle lit
Pictures on the wall say it all
With the kinda conviction make a river burn
You got a skeleton key on a chain around your neck
I got a chain around my heart
Church bells ringin' in the air down the hill
From the house where you were born
I said, "Baby, don't you think we ought to live a little bit
Before Gabriel blows his horn?"
[Chorus: John Moreland]
I need you like Memphis the blues
I need you like Memphis the blues

[Instrumental Break]

[Chorus: Zach Bryan, John Moreland, Zach Bryan & John Moreland]
I need you like Memphis the blues
I need you like Memphis the blues
I need you like Memphis the blues
I need you like Memphis the blues

[Outro: John Moreland & Zach Bryan]
Yeah, we should just
f**k, yeah, I'm in

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