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Lucky Enough Lyrics

Zach Bryan


Lucky Enough by Zach Bryan

  • Album: The Great American Bar Scene
  • Track Number: 1
  • Release Date: July 4, 2024
  • Genre: Country, Spoken Word
  • Producer: Zach Bryan
  • Writer: Zach Bryan
  • Guitar: Zach Bryan
  • Additional Arranger: DEYO
  • Engineer: Gabe Wax & Jake Weinberg
  • Mixing Engineer: Jacquire King
  • Mastering Engineer: Pete Lyman

Annotations and Meaning

The song "Lucky Enough" by Zach Bryan represents an artist's desires and reflections on life, success, and personal satisfaction. It carries a cocktail of hope, introspection, and acceptance of the myriad troubles life throws at us through its lyrics. Key Issues:
  • Life's Journey: Bryan reflects on different experiences and dreams, from playing shows across various cities to getting old and finding contentment in small moments.
  • Personal Growth: The artist desires to learn through hard experiences and embrace their lessons.
  • Human Connection: Bryan focuses on relationships. He says it is important not to have a dislike for anybody, and he will teach his future children about equality and sympathy.
  • Music and Memories: That song carries the real message of Bryan's life, with vivid images of playing shows and sharing moments with friends and fellow musicians.
  • Mortality and Legacy: Bryan's musings on the inevitability of loss and the value of memories earned through experiences.
Important Lines and Their Explanation:
  • "If I'm lucky enough, I'll see fogs lift with suns." - This line can be used to represent new beginnings and the promise of the next day, somewhat reflecting on the hope that Bryan held for himself and his future.
  • "Youth is the attic chest where every lesson lies." Here, youth is portrayed as a treasure chest of the experiences and lessons that form one's character.
  • "I'll have some kids and teach them that we are all the same." - This says that Bryan would have kids and teach them to regard all as equals in humanity.
  • "I hope to choke on Jack and Coke in a bar during a northern winter."
  • "If I'm lucky enough, I'll understand losing someone close" - A poignant acceptance of the inevitability of loss and the personal growth that comes from it.

Technical Analysis

In essence, Zach Bryan's Lucky Enough is a spoken-word story over a musical bed. The fact that it is a spoken-word piece lets Bryan deliver his thoughts and emotions directly, in a very unobstructed way, creating a close bond with the listener. Structure: The song goes on in free form; however, it is not an average structure with the chorus and verses. Instead, it flows more in the way of a single continuous narrative, emphasizing an element of conversation and the intimate feel of the piece. Instrumentation: The music is also minimal, mainly with a guitar accompaniment that fits pretty well with the spoken words and doesn't overshadow them. That just puts the focus on Bryan and his performance. Delivery: Bryan's delivery is very heartfelt and full of thought and enunciates the truth of his thoughts. A very conversational style that gets the message across to the listener makes them feel as though they were in a discussion, which stresses the personal nature of the song. Imagery: The lyrics to the song are charged with so many images representing many situations and feelings. From "fogs lift with suns" to "rooftop lights flicker," Bryan can express his thoughts and dreams through effective descriptive writing. Overall, the album is somewhat evocative of life's complexities and what the artist yearns for it. Reflective lyrics and a simple yet impactful musical arrangement put in efforts to make a poignant, vital piece regarding growth, connection, and acceptance.

Lucky Enough Song Lyrics

Lucky Enough by Zach Bryan

As we roll to play a show in Carolina, Oklahoma or Chicago
I'll grow to know the road to home in places far away
Wrinkled, bald and beat to sh*t to never waste a day
Enough people will hate me that I know I did it right
But to never meet a human being that I say that I don't like
Let me learn the hard way and cut it close sometimes
That youth is the attic chest where every lesson lies
I'll have some kids and teach them that we are all the same
Sufferin', smilin', silhouettes of every passin' day
The love I have will always be something my friends yearn
My memories were never cheap and never easy earned
I hope to choke on Jack and Coke in a bar during a northern winter
On a night the band was tight and right as rooftop lights flicker
If I'm lucky enough, I'll understand losing someone close
I'll clench my teeth on New Year's Eve and try to talk to ghosts
I'll stumble through a market on a Sunday in June
Smell the salt and asphalt on Sunday afternoon
I reckon I'd be lucky if I made it half as far
To only die on hills that are closest to my heart
If I'm lucky enough, notebooks will be strewn across my room
I'll play catch on green grass where springtime flowers bloom
If I'm lucky enough, I'll tell the truth every chance I get
'Cause smiles faked to appease another is worth ten regrets
If I'm lucky enough, I will get through hard things
And they will make me gentle to the ways of the world
If I'm lucky enough, I'll have the courage to leave and go
Wherever my beatin' heart tells me to go
If I'm lucky enough, I'll get high and invite a guitar player over
And he'll play sweet notes until a New York City-rooftop sun rises
I'll meet some kids in school that still know how to play instruments
If I'm lucky enough, I'll make it exactly to where I'm taking this breath now
Lay my head upon the earth and laugh at passing clouds
If I'm lucky enough, I'll remember the shaky things we’ve seen
Grab your beer through tears and fears, the great American bar scene

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