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Young Soulja The Realest - I'm Da Bomb lyrics

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I'm Da Bomb by Young Soulja The Realest

[Verse one]
b**ch I’m the bomb, (yupp) It’s flowin‘ through my veins (veins)
And since I’m the bomb they will never let me board a plane (nope)
To blow this sh*t up it might be in my breed (breed)
But I’m not the shoe bomber like Richard reed (nope)
You better call the bomb squad, cuz we f**kin’ ‘bout
And if they try to put you out, here a match, I gotchu moe
This is not a drill, (nope)so you better back up
The numbers keep on counting down, better call for backup
Radioactive sh*t make you crunchy like fries
You survive make your ass look like hills have eyes
Airs filled with debree, they still can’t seize me
b**ch I’m the bomb you don’t f**kin’ need weezy (never)
[Verse two]
Homie I'm da bomb people kno me as saddam
So I be runnin up thru yo city lettin off bombs so u betta be alarmed cuz I'm on dat hooka smoke/
Who's a joke? u's a joke
U need some hope
Prayin ta jesus and prayin ta god and den tellin him dat u be needin a pope
Ima al-Qaida rydah, try ta hide her but I be known to find her
Patna kno dat I be slidin all up in a hoe dats fasho
Really wat I want is for u to kno dat I be on da mic and I'm bustin a flow and I kno dat u kno dat I kno dat I go whenever dat I spit up a flow at a show,
I'm da bomb, I'm illegal, lethal to da people,
U so scared u be prayin at a steeple cuz I'm sharp as a needle,
I'm da bomb, so light the fuse, I be an arab and not a jew,
I be a bomba like I was osama and I be jus bombin all over you

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