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Young M.A - Henny'd Up lyrics

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Henny'd Up by Young M.A

Man, I'm Henny'd up, Styrofoam
Call this b**ch my sippy cup
High as sh*t, p**sy drunk
Prolly f**k my kidneys up
I'm Fendi'd down, Fendi'd up (Big drip)
The money callin, it just hit me up like, "Pick me up"
(Hello baby) Ey
Hello baby
I go crazy, no, I go brazy
This a Vetty, no Mercedes
In a forty, I go eighty
I don't need a wifey, I been hoein' lately
I just want the pussy, can't get to know me baby, ey uh
Yes, I'm gettin' b**ches, never trickin'
Yes, I'm rich but penny pinchin', Henny sippin'
In the cut like stitches, damn, but still I'm mentioned
I could never save a hoe, that's prolly why I've been a villain
Can't f**k with these fake niggas, that's prolly why I've been the realest, ey
I be all around the world and still be in the trenches
I be all around your girl and still ain't catch no feelings
Ooouuu, drop the top on 'em
Stretch the ceilin' (Big foreign)
My bank account, I can flex the millions (Big Ms)
Call it flex appealin'
And I got sex appealin, pussy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
Prada drip, hide your b**ch
Hello baby, got your b**ch
AP, Bugatti bezel
f**k around and blind the b**ch
Damn, why I went and spent a hundred bands on this jewelry?
And why every time I hit the club, I gotta make a movie?
Yak got me feelin' woozy, Draco same size as Lil' Uzi
So don't ever think that sh*t amusin'
Told her don't fall in love with me baby, I'm so confusin'
Plus I got mood swings, I only love two things
That's my money and my Momma
I'm a boss, Don Dada
Got them chops with the sticks, closet look like Benihana
Got another hater hatin' on me
Told the pussy nigga, "Line up"
I could build a mountain with my money
Now watch me climb up
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy
I go brazy

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