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Young Gunz - Look in your eyes lyrics

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Look in your eyes by Young Gunz

(Young Chris)
to let you know i got potential
dont know me from a can of paint
know what im into
know when you see gunna you see hunger
i been signed for the last three summers
and still broke b**ch
but i stay with 2 chicks i can nail
keep a fifth
stay with two clipse like Pharrell
kept some money though
every since a kid i can sell
when the house was running rubbers
i was the kid rocking shells
to let you know im on
when i say i am yeah
ask them niggas dog i dont play with em
tax the niggas dog they be payin me
or ill be layin them
cause in a game dog f**k a flagrant foul
im motha f**kin favored im wild
dun give a f**k and its whatever
i blazed in a while
so bring it on niggas on niggas
tell me what its gon be
they said it was somthin
but they aint kno what it was gonna be
he act like a hoe im airin him
give hoes sysirians
uh oh they darin em
lo los im scarin them
po pos in fear of em
those o's preparin them
my jewelry look like a straight up
frozen aquarium (damn)
frozen aquarius
outkast aquemini
leave wit a gemini
Kalim is da only friend of mine
while im lyin
mystine is a good friend of mine ( thats my man)
we do in any arena ninas like genuwine
inches like genuwine
i had to check the time
feds was watchin switched it up from ten to nine
i aint pickin locks
i got a bigger pot
odd number hoes sold right inside the
chicken spot
stolen cable still got the chip in box
still got the clip and glock
fell like the chicken pox
when i pop up on u leave ya chicken rocks
fried extra crispy in the chicken box
(Neef Buck)
to let u no im cuttin off first
in order to f**k ma u gotta suck me off first
how im supposed to kill em when u got ur dirt
somebody betta get em for somebody come
and kill em fools ??????????
since somebody down to come and fill em dudes
up wit hollows
send em to the spinal tubes
up they nostrils
put em up in crtical
thats if we aint finish u
better not remeber who did this to u
witnesses too gotta go shorty blow
business is do
i got a plan on gettin this money movin my crew
all real niggas is snakes i see through
all still wheres theyre fake a read through
their lines between ur eyes and ur brows
its a spray that they found
them niggas foul what u think this is
ben conscious like the nonsense
what u motha f**kas think that im blind

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