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Young Gangstas - Driven By Revenge lyrics

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Driven By Revenge by Young Gangstas

Aw f**k it's the big fight
The reason is revenge
So somebody gotta die tonight
Me and Red got the hand pump
Motherf**k a fist fight
Cause my fist ain't hittin hard enough
So I'm takin off that safety switch
Then I'm aimin at your head
Cause I know you wear a vest b**ch
In other words bring a weapon ho
Cause Ima take your folks nuts
And shove down your f**king throat
I look at murder as a sign of relief
My fingers the judge
And you are the down deceased
Within a second I could click on a nigga
Blow the head off a motherf**ker
By pullin this trigger
You f**ked up so I got pull your ho card
Cause every nigga want revenge on that 9th Ward
So listen close to this muder plan
Ima be the driver with a pump in my left hand
The Ghetto Red on my side fool
Knockin niggas dicks in the dirt from a Lexus coupe
So if a nigga miss a motherf**ker
I got Sleep in my truck with a case
Shooting the rest of em
So get the f**k b**ch I'm getting ready
And don't be askin why my face is all sweaty
Look, mind yours cause I'm handling mines
Get the f**k out my house before I lose my mind
Yo, cause many times I done tried to cope
With the lost of a friend
But I done lost all hope
Look, I got no time for a b**ch on my lap
So ho get the f**k
I got to do this sh*t by myself
Tonight's the night and I might go
Six feet deep rest in peace K Syco
But if I fall then I fall for a young nigga
Eyes open, and still squeezin on the trigger
But off that cause I'm still livin
Everything is set so now I'm going through the killin
Gun shots sprayin out from a Lexus
So loud you can hear that sh*t in Texas
But I don't care cause the pumps in my left hand
I got that b**ch out the window pullin the trigga fast
The bullet hit him in the chest it came out his back
The only thing that he could do was try to fire back
He hit the ground so I'm aiming at another b**ch
I stopped the car cause I had to pop another clip
No remorse on them niggas when we get em
Look, retliation on them b**ches when we kill em
Got out that nine cause that nine gotta lot of static
Put up that pump cause that pump ain't a automatic
We stop poppin to wait until the smoke clear
It's time to go cause everybody dead here
We got the f**k, man I was burnin rubber
Got to the Nine feelin good we shot the motherf**kers
We took nuts, now it's time to celebrate
What's next a nigga never would anticipate
I'm chillin on my sofa just relaxed
Me and my girl with a gat across my lap
And then I looked all around
I said ho wake up look I think I heard a sound
I grabbed the Tec as I stood up
Then I grabbed 4 clips and then I started loading up
I'm thinkin in my mind crazy sh*t
A nigga must have lived through the hit like b**ch
Well f**k it now you gotta die
You come to my hood, it's like comitting suicide
I must admit you got heart to come here
And try to break a nigga off a big chunk
But I ain't dying tonight on a empty clip
So when yo dick hit the dirt you full of led b**ch
I'm in the kitchen then I heard a gun click
I seen the nigga, he shootin at my girlfriend
I snuck up on him, my girls hiding under the bed
I took that Tec and put that b**ch on his head
He was stunned, he knew he was gone get erased
I pulled the trigga and his brains splattered in my face
He didn't fall fast enough then I gave him four
And then that bloody motherf**ker hit the f**king floor
Now I'm mad cause my girlfriend's b**chin
About this bloody motherf**ker on my floor twitchin
I grabbed the Tec just in case this nigga tried to get me
And kept my promise and made that f**kin clip empty
Poppin non stop loading up his f**king chest
A whole clip in ass now he put to rest
I took that nigga and stuck him in a body bag
I drove right behind the store and dumped him in trash
This is a lesson for those niggas out on they friends
I know the feeling, cause I was driven by revenge

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