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Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day lyrics

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Today Is The Day by Yo La Tengo

I followed you ..foolishly
You were at a smoky bar, you were out til three
Sat alone inside my car, it was nearly four
We were gonna wait for you all night
So i locked the door
I was gonna spend the night, coulda been okay
We were gonna talk all night, till i went away
Remember how you used to say, can't stay up late
A minute later we're older now, i can't stay awake
I'm driving by your parent's farm, in the Chevrolet
I remember that rusty car, like it was yesterday
Saw my brother driving by, the other day
I wished that i'd go out to him, but he drove away
Saw my sister standing there, standing in rain
Then i thought about nothing, that it feels the same
Another day, come and gone
Don't think i can ever sing that song
Little secrets we bring along
I'm taking my time, trailing behind, i thought of you
Today is the day i think of you

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