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Yellow Second - Crowded Airwaves lyrics

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Crowded Airwaves by Yellow Second

I've been feeling beat and brokenhearted
Don't want to complete the things i've started
The noise, the fuzz, the radiating buzz
(the way everything does)
It's so loud
Surprised, ashamed, the object of the game
Is sounding all the same
It surrounds
Sky deliver me before i'm bled
From the crowded airwaves overhead
Conquered and undone
So worn and faded
When everything's become
So complicated
A lot to say, but always on the fray
And never in the way you wanted
And so, for me a decent melody
Is what i want to leave undaunted
An old song, an old line
It's ok it's all fine
Convince me what is good
What i like what i should do

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