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Yelawolf - Money lyrics

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Money by Yelawolf

When I woke up this morning I was feeling like a brand new man
Took a look inside and I saw twenty one gran
Ooh yeah buddy go flex thats whats on then you tell me what am I stupid?
Giving rhymes and ? Im spending, spending,
What am i? looping?
Watch just days and nights how slowly passing by
Two bottles and yu already halo ? to the yacht boo?
But Imma one man on me, I said no leave for the ?
Motherf**kers wanna feed my ?
Hows this party started, no need for parking and red ?
Its that closery and ?all the ?
Hard to be reach people that I have awesome ?
On this property, properly I design it on the beat ?
Pick it to a ? in a dream, motherf**kers all up in the trees
Looking to the package that they might leave
Thats power, twenty seconds hour and hours and hours and hours
Of mood in the trance but I take a shower for that creap that on
Thats creep what it comes, thats black what I own
I know ? let that whores got all on piece and get on
? never get clean cuz its always gone
I was on run and I was on the phone,
Lord is a boy to be left alone
Lord is a boy how be ?
I gotta kick the heak and kick I born
His a Heavy Metal boy and got another label boy
Some say tt he went down to the cross way and he left that ? boy
Bout that
But feeling roaf when I met this pop ? then I gte your ass
Drop this f**k and I get a new ? and park on neigbours grass
Cuz I leave it dead, leave it dead
Leave it deat like Benita ?
Assigning wind, crazy until the trees are bent
And find his self to a factory perfin from a ? to tell this ? thin
Even in God Jesus Christ you should see the sin
We all protect this pleadoristic and evil spin
On religion they give ? and broken and even when
You react, they react with the bet that you just be f**king in
f**k all you blowing all I can do is give you my true sins with a poem
Maybe that aint enough, maybe my show aint just show the people hits of liberation
They just rolling and smoking
They correct now because at least they give us a ?
Make my job a little easy cuz when you see me ?
? believe in love cuz I still believe in love
Love story to getti yo
Back for more I cross the ?
I pow it all the trash, I wreck all ?
? I jump the sit ?
I make em dream for nothing pump, I make that pump
You f**king making joke but it aint a bump of something
Look you make a trambouline and then you jump in
And let me guessi get some love and ?
Thanks for id but if I come there Ill find you
And we get all around in a bus and talking bout how high dope I am
Im f**king with you, you cant afford money, yeah thats the true
Many f**king ways Im out til another dope P
Coaking out ?
Next week Im blowd
Love story

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