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Xordeal - Wassup lyrics

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Wassup by Xordeal

Verse 1:
Up in tha club
Wit my girls lookin good
Feelin sexy like I'm suppose to be
(Cuz I'm tha shit)
Ma jeans huggin tight
Hangin low
Lookin ready boy
And I see ya watchin me
Cuz you like it when I shake it
Uh-oh uh uh uh-oh
And ya like it when I take it to tha floor
Drop it low
Shawty you can't handle this
I'm that girl oooh
You would love it but I know the game
You aint bout to play me
Oh you lookin at me like you wanna come and hit it
But I know what's goin on, so you aint gunna get it
All my girls in tha club
Let em know that you aint wit it
Wassup (wassup) wassup (wassup) wassup (wassup) wassup
Verse 2:
Feels like ya gettin to close
Back it up
Shawty can ya give a girl some room
(Cuz I'm tha shit)
Damn can you please let me (hah hah hah)
If you don't want me to walk away
Bridge 2:
Ooh watch my body move
Sexy like I do
Tell me can you
Handle all of this
Oooh crazy wit it to
Shawty I'm wit true
I don't think that you can handle this
Bridge 2-

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