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X-Japan - The Last Song lyrics

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The Last Song by X-Japan

Watching the stars till they're gone
like an actor all alone
who never knew the story he was in
who never knew the story ends
like the sky reflecting my heart
all the colors become visible
when the morning begins
I'll read the last line
* owaranai ame dakishimeta yoru ga asa wo mukaeru
kokoro wa mada nureta mama
in endless rain, I've been walking
like a poet feeling pain
tryin' to find the answers
tryin' to hide the tears
but it was just a circle
that never ends
when the rain stops, I'll turn the page
the page of the first chapter
# kizu tsuku dake kizu tsuite wakatta hazu no kotae wo
doushite mada toikaketeru?
am I wrong to be hurt
am I wrong to feel pain
am I wrong to be in the rain
am I wrong to wish the night won't end
am I wrong to cry
but I know, it's not wrong to sing The Last Song
cause forever fades...
ki ga tsukeba mata hitori yoru no sora wo mitsumeteru
sukoshi zutsu kieteyuku OUR MEMORIES
# repeat
I see red
I see blue
but the silver lining gradually takes over
when the morning begin
I'll be in the next chapter
* repeat
# repeat

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