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Wykked Wytch - Nefret lyrics

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Nefret by Wykked Wytch

[Intro-prayer "Ezan"]
Praise Your Glory; Here I Am
The Exalted Are Disguised
I'm At Their Throats
Vengeance On The World
Punish The Disciples
Put Them Six Feet Under
Let Them Praise In My Name
Enemies At Their Demise
If Anyone Strikes Me I'll Do The Same As They Do To Me
I Have Redemption And Freedom To Their Domain
You Completely Depend Upon Me
I Will Take The Action
Condemn The Simple Passive Ones
Your Purpose Obsolete
Spirit Of Power Comes Upon You
Your Misery Is My Fuel
That You Don't Believe
I Kill Enemies Who Hate Me
I Know Who You Are
I Kill Enemies Who Betray Me
I Know Who You Are
It's My Pleasure To Torture, The Unfaithful Ones
Bless Those Who Curse Me, Judgment Calls
Pray For The Abused At Their Demise
No One Can Deny
Contaminated Souls Can't Be Purified
Nefret, Who Betray Me
Nefret, Can't Be Renounced
My Only Motivation
Nfret, To Their Demise

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