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Wu-Syndicate - Crime syndicate lyrics

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Crime syndicate by Wu-Syndicate

wu syndicate what goin on
chilin with the beat,represent
killer bees song all atime is
prayer to allah from my love with my main
check this gun to my enemy shut up on the devils mouth blow in up
goin up check my ryhmes check my lyrics comin with the top emmo
every day all a day what, this is the beat from the wu syndicate
a be rap in hear give me one minute on a mike
mikrophone com in brhother on fire b**ch devil your desiger f**k up
i chillim at come my back we killer bees crue com in neggez on attac
bzzzzzzzz bring in at on this nation concentration give my to Quation
in the rap station stop stop it i com in to my live
goin in the battle contest battle with my enemy my lyrics come on so
fett battle in the second round is not problem for my then i`m
a young solder lockin are rebbel with my red lazer eyes to my enemy is face
fire up fire up b**ches neggez goin up peace this is one last from my live
peace wu syndicate to the keep your mains open peace to the wu-tang famylie
method man,rza,gza,gohstfacekiller,inspectadeck,reakwon,u-god,mastakiller,
oç£â‚¬irtybastard,cappadonna,peace all killer bees famylie sheyime and the suns of
man to the royafame peace to all killer bees familie from my love

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