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Write This Down - Nightmare lyrics

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Nightmare by Write This Down

last night i had me a nightmare
i dreamed texas was burnin down, burnin down
and all their people had grown up to love, leavin town
so cried oh oh mosis, bring a flood in the red red sea
bring back towns van slam, and stevey ray back to me
cus' i cant play these songs
aint the way they do, aint the way they do
i had a nightmare, nightmare, nightmare
i had a nightmare, nightmare, nightmare
(verse 2)
Buddy holly was writin on the wind
stevey ray well, he was too
puttin they're their star and crashin to the ground
all the men and the kings horses, did all what they could do
me, i just got my ol' barstool
i know its burnin me down, its me down
just like a brushfire, it burns all through the night
one of these days, i know
one of these days im gonna burn all out

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