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Earth Bound Lyrics

Woven Hand


Earth Bound Song Lyrics

Earth Bound by Woven Hand

Funk upon a time
In the days of vanglorious
The tri-dimensional houses of energy
Released the original powers
To the translators of the interplanetary funk code
Funkin religion, funkin lesson
Key bearers, funkin to the East
Earth bound
[Professor X]
We are messengers, of Ra
Whispering the secrets of the ages
Vanglorious! This is protected
By the red, the black, and the green
"It was nearly eleven, when I started to return.
The night was unexpectedly dark.
To me, walking out of the lighted passage of my cousin's house
It seemed indeed black."
[Brother J]
What is.. we are..
Dum-diddy-dum to the God's new drum
Devils run, here comes the sun
Brothers travel for ages
Scroll and stake from planet to planet
I take a ride on the cosmos
The utmost toast of my raft
Now mortals want a dose of the voice of key
With the bass of the great war chant
So now it's on to the garden at a million vibes a second
The pyramid tries to beckon
The sands of time, survive the flood
The bricks of blood, the house of the heart
On the tri-dimensional level
On to balance with the feather
Funkin lesson vibes to earth, from Ra on to Jeb
My verse it bled, bring chaos to order
The abyss to the earth to the waters
Vanglorious sound on the rain comin down
Verbalizer with scroll, earth bound
[Professor X]
I am, the blood of the pharoahes
The spear bearers, the elephant riders
The everlasting conquerors
I AM, the original power of blackness
The strength exampled, in our people as a whole
I am the voice of unearthly soil
Earth bound, by will of the Creator
[Brother J]
From amongst the stars, in

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