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Witch-Hunt - Desperation lyrics

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Desperation by Witch-Hunt

Your life is one big mess
Get on your knees
Get on your knees
He'll take care of the rest
This is a test
Begging for forgiveness
And you'll be blessed
Your holy water can't wash
the blood off your hands
Or the guilt off your conscience
You say I'm the one who will go to hell
For not believing in your tall tales
You're the one who will pay the price
For your false hope in jesus christ
Your bullshit religion cannot convince me
that mary was a virgin
Your prayer won't make
the troops come home
Your prayer can't change your
husband's shitty attitude
Your prayer won't heal your black and blue
Won't help you to find the truth
Your prayer won't save the human race
Prayer only leads to blind faith
Open your eyes
One day you will see
This shit's not for me

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