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Wild Strawberries - How long? lyrics

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How long? by Wild Strawberries

I got a picture of my friends and me
Sitting outside Thistletown Laundry at night
That looks like me between the Holly twins
Singing hey ho this is your life
And there's old Ruby and her worn out magazines
And the guy we called Joe Cinnamon who's polishing his speech
Hey it looks like Hollywood
Hey it looks like Hollywood
Joe married one of the Holly twins
And they ran the local five and dime
My mama told me that the other twin
Got a teaching job at Thistletown High
But me and Ruby and her worn out magazines
Jumped a box car on the western line by ol' Cole Martin's stream
Well me and Ruby had big plans
Gonna' move to the city gonna' be larger than life
Just like the girl beside the Marlboro man
And the pretty lady in the Ivory ad
Thistletown, Indiana is no place for me
Give me miles and miles of neon signs and flashy magazines
Me, I sold my camera for a string of beads
And Ruby sold he mother's china figurines
I got a picture of Ruby and me
Selling candy bars at the Roxy
The guy who took it called us calendar girls
And he said someday he'd make us famous
But me and Ruby never made no magazines
All we got was just a cold recurrent broken bottle dream

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