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Widespread Panic - Fishing lyrics

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Fishing by Widespread Panic

Oh, she barely waits a moment
Elevator doors open
Hear her footsteps touch the stairs
Words walk by
Describing definition
Stop and talk about it
Is just too easy to see
We're always looking
When we see fishes
When we go fishin'
Thoughts meander
Risin' all around us
Rise and fall and rise again
Oh, we stop and talk about it
Strong beliefs
Like ideas come to life
Turn atoms into rain and stone
Sands and tall trees
Worlds passed by
Defyin' description
Stop and talk about it
Talk about it
And Maia, she dances
She dissolves into the light
Illusions of light
Oh Maia, she dances
Deep romance and poetry
Songs and movies
Virtue for la de da
She dances in the light
Dance in the light
Maia, she dances
Oh Maia, she dances

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