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Whiteheart - No Taboo lyrics

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No Taboo by Whiteheart

They say we're all goody two-shoes
Bound up in our ancient rules
Eyes covered up, fingers in our ears
Motivated by our fears
Is it fiction, is it true
Are we living by what we can't do
Choosing the chains of a martyr slave
Got one foot in the grave
We don't need that attitude
Ohh — no taboo
We've got a lord that is alive
Why would we want to just survive —
No taboo
Look again there are no chains — no taboo
He tore the veil of our fear away —
No taboo
Love is the heart of an those rules
Don't feel the weight, if we choose
The love of life, like a Holy dance —
No taboo
Love that gives and takes a chance —
No taboo
The story ends in victory
The people of God have been set free
To find the life meant for you and me
Ohh — no taboo
Ohh — no taboo

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