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I. B. Me Lyrics

Werd (S.O.S)


I. B. Me Song Lyrics

I. B. Me by Werd (S.O.S)

Is that on? (Keep that in keep that in)
What what what Auld Reekie cunt
Check me out eh (haha) it's going slow yo
I got message for all you wee whack guys
You aint rolling on the tracks like flat tyres
You aint lighting up the street like cats eyes
You can't rock the boat your going to capsize
I'm not hip hop (check out my cap size)
It's no NY (flat beak for rap guys)
I've no jeans that's (hanging down my backside)
Wait I do and I bust on the track aye
Aye I be me and that's
Really really all I can be
It's just me W.E.R.D
So take a wee look round my mp3's
Man it's crazy I was dumbing it down
You can say the same thing just switch it around
Cunt it's raj I was dumbing it doon
You can say the same thing just switch it aboot
Like kick in the door make you fall to the floor
One hit to the face you don't want it no more
Like kick in the dare make you faw ti the flare
Wan hit ti tha face you dinny want it nae mare
Rap Scottish I got this hit them with the hot shit
No Hydro fake accent pop bitch
Who talk shit never lived in his life
What does that mean? I don'¬"t know but he's shite

This isn'¬"t a track
It's just,
That's it (that's it)

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