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Weekend Excursion - Finally found you lyrics

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Finally found you by Weekend Excursion

So what now?
Should we leave things as they were?
We're not sure
And I would understand that if you want out
Cause you dont trust me with your heart
Just be sure
Cause I cant stand to be apart from you
Spending time with you
I seem to smile a little more
Your skin makes you an angel
Your heart's an open door
It's plain to see
And I just now realized
It's there across the room
And your brilliance blinds my eyes
Sometimes our answers leave us empty
Cause we believe what we dont mean
And now I found out that my life is just too hard
To live it without you
Are you strong? (Are you strong?)
Or can you tell me
Is this happiness?
When life's always taking turns
And right now
How I wish that you were here
But my patience wins
Cause I can feel you inside of my dreams
So you want to escape from it all
You say you want some relief
Dont you know I'll never let you fall
You just gotta believe 2x
Now it may seem like all this times been wasted
And if this is what it takes to bring me to you
Then my life begins today
I finally found you here 4x
We can find a way 4x
I know it seems so strange
But I already miss you
And I'll never be the same
Cause I already miss you girl
I finally found you here

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