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Webb Wilder - 2 Smooth lyrics

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2 Smooth by Webb Wilder

[Verse 1]
Couldn't wait to get mo s**t from Trill ENT huh?
Bad ass and young savage keep it so street huh?
But we been doin this for a while, but it ain't sleep time,
Gotta send these motherf**kers platinum 2 or 3 times,
[Beat Starts]
We flyin cloud 9, whoever figured we poppin,
It be me and the old drop, and the rims don't stop,
Yea nigga came up, sixty thousand on the watch,
But they got niggas still stuck and a nigga ain't forgot,
Alotta niggas getting shot, so keep yo pistol,
I ain't 21 yet, I still keep this one,
And if you got love for em, watch yo nigga,
You can let em slip I'm tellin you this you gone miss em,
I love Ol Murl, but been a minute since I kissed her,
But she keep it real, so knowing her, she ain't tripping,
Slowed up on drinkin, I don't get too tipsy,
Cause being off guard in VR is too risky,
Ask me what I want about a life, be specific,
Money, power, ma niggas yea thatuh be terrific,
But it's really all a dream, that's why I'm just living,
Yall mind too little to even feel what I'm spitting,
Yall haters would kill, to be sitting where I'm sitting,
I'm just too real, that's how I'm getting it how I'm getting it,
Say what ya won't, but money talks, stop whispering,
Trill young savage ain't do damage? Yall silly
I'm too smooth,
You can't do it like this, you ain't foolish like this
Jewels like this, pool like this, I ain't full yet,
I ain't with the bulls**t, on the real check me out,
(I'm too smooth)
Like how you walk like that, talk like that,
Soft like that, I'm a straight mack, Cutlass or Maybach,
Hop in lay back, I'mma bring ya straight back
(I'm too smooth)
[Verse 2]
Young savage, big dog status,
Judge Johnson let my big dog have it,
Can't sleep, bad dreams, I ain't ever had s**t,
So you can come and try me I'm blasting,
Getting smoked seeds, now I need another pack s**t,
Bad nerves, think I get it from my daddy,
Straight factory red, ain't even get the Davins,
A hundred 50, got a nigga neck flashing,
Nigga know me well, every hood I pass in,
V-12, under the hood I'm smasshin,
I done seen good nigga, I done seen bad shit,
Heart full of hurt full of purp got me laughing,
06's 07's all Webbie's, I ain't laughing,
Young savage coming ready every album,
Bounce up in the club, no search no hassle,
Looking for a gutter b***h, I see her Imma snatch her,
[Verse 3]
Man nigga had a blast last night,
Man I was smoking big blunts,
Countin big stacks all last night,
Gotta lil ass last night,
From something tight and bright,
Way she suck pipe, think she was mixed with white,
D ain't wanna change hoes, so I switched with Mike,
It ain't nothin to a nigga, yelling b***h or wife,
All them stories nigga sayin, better get s**t right,
I'm young savage, Trill family in this b***h for life,
It ain't right, hatin cause we ain't livin the same life,
You fight ya old lady, I f**k her the same night,
My ring and that s**t you be drivin the same price,
Nigga you ain't never seen real diamonds or real ice,
Yall fake ass rappers, I'm watchin ya s**t,
Half of yall talk about it, and ain't really did it,
Never say yall lil niggas names, cause I'm f**king serious,
Wanna trip? We can wild out like Tupac and Biggie!

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