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Waterdeep - Porcelain and wine lyrics

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Porcelain and wine by Waterdeep

I heard the old lie again today
That all is right when the money rains
I saw a couple leaving a store
Their smiles were quick then were there no more
All the precious time a'wasting on porcelain and wine and fine vacations
And all the lovers who've gone awry don't see the rainbow right before their eyes
And to the conscience who speaks his mind I wish him luck in these troubled times
And old acquaintance knocked on my door
He said I knew him and that he knew me more
He was quick to twist all of my thoughts
And made me wonder what was true or not
All the wanting that goes untried
dissatisfaction and foolish pride
With every striving plan they still can't see
they're blinded by the quiet trap of greed
And to the righteous wherever you are
I wish you peace in these troubled times
Maybe you have closed your eyes
to the deceit and incessant lies
This ignorance brings deceitful bliss
it's to our shame we've come to this
I can see how the world has got you down
your feet just can't leave the ground
Maybe in time we'll see all the good in little things
and not focus on what we need
The road is turning someone's got to turn it back around
Rain rain go away
Come back again some other day
And money money pour down on me
You bring short laughter for such a small fee
I know you won't last long here
Maybe time will tell
And money will disappear
Time is passing by
And I don't have enough porcelain and wine

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