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A little lesson of history Lyrics



A little lesson of history Song Lyrics

A little lesson of history by Warbreed

[The Lecturer]
When I was told to trace back the origin of greed
I could not help but think: 'greed is our vital creed'
As Cain slew his brother, we eventually kill our dreams
His mark withstands the water brought to wash our deepest sins...


What was it that made the ancient Alexander to be great?
The lands that he had conquered or the myriads he'd enslaved?
Charlemagne's great scheme: 'bite off more than one can chew'
Made ashes turn to ashes, and empires turn to ruins

Arise, silent spirits
And tell your stories
And now, by this fire
Let the truth be known...

Great lives
Great men that paid tribute to their lunacy
All of them, in this sad little lesson of history
Great deeds
Great feats that changed our destiny
In this sad little lesson of history

We are supreme beings, the ones with intellect
Underneath those garments, we're weaklings all the same
But as silence tells more, let actions speak
We came, we saw, and we ruined the world...


Bonaparte, who in earth could ever forget your ways?
First kill, then rest, and never ever regret
Then came the famous German that set Fenris loose
And the wretched folks of Zion became prey to the wolf

So cry havoc... and release the dogs of war!
What does it matter if we all
Fight each other for our own cause

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

Old names remind us we're not different
In this sad little lesson of history
New names, the same old twisted story
In this complex, sad, little lesson of history

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