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Wally Boy Wonder - Zodiac lyrics

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Zodiac by Wally Boy Wonder

Here goes that stubborn goat
Who won't give up the remote
Conservative patient
Persistent with statements
Never admitting wrongs
Difficult and strong
Heavy points of view
Of values and clear truth
The water bearer glides
Through life with no lies
Hates rejection
Men a picky selection
Hey fish of the sea
Motto to believe
Motto to be free
Alone time, let her be
Fire the element
She's so intelligent
Hates misunderstanding
The Ram so demanding
Eyes red as Mars spirit
And souls from the stars
Next the harmony seeker
Loves my voice out the speaker
The nurturing bull timing
Makes her so cool
Next there are two
Winged angels that flew
Away to adapt
Cause she felt trapped
She likes excitement and change
But lovely and strange
Capra, Aqua, and Pi
Put your hands
In the sky
Put 'em up high
Aries, Taurus and Gemini
Put your hands
In the sky
Put 'em up high
Weight of the world
Balanced these girls
Taking their time
On decisions
With precision and grace
Humor give space
To grow and embrace
One with the serious side
Filled with so much pride
Controlling ironic, sex supersonic
Now my wifey just shot me
With an arrow so lightly
We're not supposed to match
But became so attached
I give her room to express
Concerns that need addressed
Now someone's feeling
My ideas revealing
There's another one
The dream just begun
Crabby just grabbed me
Aggressive demanding
Always commanding, now
Where's the queen?
From the jungle just leaned
Admired and seen
Stages of expression
Through powerful direction
The solver is next
Holding cash and checks
Plans to save save to spend
Loves her time, loves her friends
(Pre-Chorus 2)
Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Put 'em high, Put 'em low
Move 'em fast, Mov 'em slow
Cancer, Leo and Virgo
Put 'em 'em high, Put 'em them Low
Move 'em fast, Move 'em slow
Wonder what sign you'll be
If you'll be right for me
Astrology Astrology
Wonder what sign you'll be
If you'll be right for me
Astrology Astrology
Ladies of the Zodiac
Got it poppin' bubble wrap
Spend it like your Freddie Mac
Give us boys straight heart attacks
While your lookin' fresh and nice
In your birthstones gold and ice
Dress and heels, jeans and Nike's
Hoodies sweaters feel you like
Get that shine, get that glow
Rock that sign, get that dough
Introduce ourselves hello
In a Starry Night Van Gogh
Paint a picture say your name
Spark a fire start that flame
You never know unless you came
Stars collide you can't explain
(Pre-Chorus 2)

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