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Can you come out to play?
Can you grab the mic and spray?
Grab the mic and spray
Come out to play
Spend if you got it
Cash never rotted
Termites spotted
Put to sleep Dilaudid
Foes nibble
While my cash grows
Such a hassle
Guard my castle
Mic cord lasso
Paid from my
Whistle spit
Know when this
Missile hits
Pinky size bullets
Pistol clips
Open doors
To Crystal Ships
Rising Mojo
Flash and noble
Intolerance on your mobile
It's global
Label on the rise
We're able and wise
Unstable your demise
Spark the flame and
Hot tracks
Fans keep 'em groovin'
Don't stop keep it movin'
J's love 'em on my feet
Girls love 'em in the street
Hot hooks bangin' beats
Plush whips leather seats
Transmitter spark heat
Catch Twitter and tweet
Both bitter and sweet
Flowers litter kings sneaks and
Peek inside the mind
Of those who put in time
Stayed on the grind
Combined ideas entwine
With others
Who share hunger
For cheddar
The go-getter
Sprinkle the town
With rhyme litter
The mic wetter

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