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Wally Boy Wonder - Kiss Darts lyrics

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Kiss Darts by Wally Boy Wonder

Darts from afar duck
Too late your star struck
Tar stuck
She's not another bar fuck
Different kitten for this mutt
Funny feelin' in my gut
Other witches out of luck
We're headed to the hut
House of Seven Gables
Tilted white Kangol
At an angle
My smooth form
Angels horns
Begin to play porn
So warm, silent storms
Sweat pours, wet floors
Pet wars
Get mine get yours
Explore, each other
Undercover smother
Together forever pullin'
My lever
Send inner thigh tremors
Better now then never
Take a break stop
Name swap, smoke pot
Drink beers nonstop
Wake up in the morn
Trade digits, it's on
Sing the same ol' song
So long, the fawns gone
Loves spawned this dawn
Lips sealed shut
Nervous tingles
Shatter your spine
I'm paraplegic
She's blowing Kiss Darts
So kind, so fine
Originality, our style
So Fly
Let my talents out
Our styles balance out
Halfway meeting
She said
If I catch you cheating
You'll catch a beating
You'll catch me singing
On key completing
Half a decade in the book
Something catchy like this hook
That's where angles meet
Four five degree
Mirrors surround me
Contact reflection, affection
Shoved off depression
So deep, I take my pen at hand
And spill ink, set forth
Upon sweet lips
Angel grips, grasp horns
Poet slips, patch his heart
Torn then reborn
Horns begin to play
Captivate minds
Escaped down a street one way
Observe aspect
Effect, below decks
Neck still reads seven
Love and sex
Catch a dart Lex Lou with Beck's
It's you I text
My love
What's next?

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