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Wally Boy Wonder - Just another (airborn attack) lyrics

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Just another (airborn attack) by Wally Boy Wonder

My diamond kut rings
Found four karats beneath the sea
Will bring yall back to the Valley of the Kings
As archeologists search for this sixteen pillar tomb
With platoons
Time never soon
My sh*t's hid on the moon
Take flight.
Just Another Fly Verbal Flight
With Junior Knight
(Take Flight)
Junior Knight Constantine
Gas mass Saturn's 11 inner rings
Mecca emerged between the Muslim Kings
Their tombs remain the bones of lost pharaoh's
Ramses the unknown hero
Meeting Moses by the burning bush
Spark plug this mic into megahertz
Observe me explain this universe
Negative Mother Nature giving birth to earth
Her daughter's are air, fire, water, the 7 continents
And this Nuclear Flyswatter
Flippin my Venus Flytrap
Chemical Warpath
Infinite Math
Louis and Clark in the orbit of Neptune
Found the Event Horizon wrapped in the Devil's cocoon
Time travel though my universal black hole
It's like the Air Force shooting quasars at the North Pole
Army Forces in the east known as haunting ghosts
Navy submarines shoot torpedoes towards the west coast
Hitting fault lines
I'm sending chills up Orion's spine
The Marines soon wrapped the south in twine
Houses are built with air locks, thought, molten rock
And stars with spark
As I'm introducing the Temple of St. Mark
Just Another Fly Verbal Flight
With Junior Knight
(Take Flight)
Destiny's child has a 9 on her waist side
As she divides the world between 3 lines
Multiply weapons, then multiple lines
Find that 2 and 7 equal 9
Planets in orbit rotating the sun
Negative actions causing the volcano's erupt
I'm mathematically inclined, mad skilled
Light up that L, as I spark another brain cell
This verbal rhythm sec be in 63 thrills
9 planets times 7 continents funny how they gel
Mind so dark it reminds me of a Texas oil spill
Shipped by missiles from Iraq
Filled with gasses in this chemical warpath
Notice blood spill in my tag
My sharp mind looks deep into Hussian's master plan
Bagging weapons deadly into grams
My swift tongue knowledge expands my lambs
And I stain the land with blood, and call that sh*t redsand
My lightsaber glows, flashbulbs, Tomb Raider
Find Vader
In King Tut's tomb
As Jedi knight's collide on top of the Temple of the Moon
I'll huff and puff
Just enuff to blow down your whole crew's pagoda
Your cells and blood vessels soon expand then explode like pinatas
My dwelling place for me, labeled divine, columns of sevens
As I lessen the distance between mortals and heavens
Just Another Fly Verbal Flight
With Junior Knight
(Take Flight)
Twista on the mic a F-5
Alive till I die
My unlaced Nikes cushion my masses
Imperial Guards surround my caskets
I'm Confucius with a pen
In the wolf's den
Master Kung at the gates of T'ien
Heaven's light shines on my men
Collect my an*lects
Thru my disciples such as Mencius
Tell them son, the pen is mightier than the sword
Listen to a God's first born
With 10 neutrons 9 protons
A nucleus as my core
I wheel wheat into gold
Stealth bombers drop atomic bombs on Rome's Colosseum
The mausoleums
The death and oppressed
Junior K sheds tears on Mary's dress
The Pope's cloak conceals my nine
Jesus gave us bread and wine
To soak in the body of Christ
Baggy jeans, phat jerseys in the fall breeze
Describes me token dusted weed with my peeps
See even saints do dirty deeds
But I remain calm
Bless the deaf with a touch of my palm
Scent from the trees
These elementary kids with M-16's
Automatic rounds blast through fellow students

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