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Wally Boy Wonder - Feel my north star lyrics

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Feel my north star by Wally Boy Wonder

The setting is night
The world becomes chess
Us knights move these voices
The queen provides the performance
Astronomy the chorus
Chattering through trails
Till spring becomes fox fires
Observe such a fine writer
The story line drifts
Imaginations right beside her
These generations of these gentle wordsmiths
Complete appeal to she beings
My brainstorm is revealed, unsealed
This dust in my eyes
I side step only to bypass passed her air kisses
Designed while I flash
Clicks on the camera
I never forget such a beautiful face
Proven authorship with each metaphoric phrase
I'm adolescent in the things I've done
My efforts to portray the silent one
I'm his son
Seizures to angels with each second come
Directed from the moon
The sun plays a beautiful part of your tongue
As it soaks your skin
Your breathless once again
The battle between your lips against mine begins
My ninja spy
Disguised between your two thighs
The prize
My thoughts in the sky are blue
The clouds embrace me with you
North Star
It's ten till eight
Once again never doubt fate
Heavens gate opens up when she's irate.
I sit back and relax
Wondering how great of a poet I've become
When each girl smiles when I create her in one
Special sweetheart, pink comets fly high
Streaks from jets explode in this altostratus sky
Eighteen different light settings
My mind never forgetting
A troublesome past
Clash of a weak heart
Apart from other problems life dealt from the start
Now watch me shine
The blinding light shades your lips so kind
Your feathers plucked from behind
Sold for profit, then kissed like the shrine
The Tomb of St. Mark
Sixteen pillars bright white
Powerful kings crowned me knight
Writing right handed pencil might
My words are meant to enlighten
Souls detach from souls
Black holes contain burning coals
Heat up this moment
Flowers bloom in my North Pole
Feel my North Star
When you see disgrace on my face
It's only a front to divide my space
Equals believing
That angels are hiding in female human beings.
North Star
It's ten till eight
Once again never doubt fate
Heavens gate opens up when she's irate.
Sometimes these angels direct their attention away from me
Lovely melodies chime with each breeze
She has qualities and senses that pleases me
In my mind
You dark shaded beauty
These pencil lines shine off your curves
My senses remain uncontrollable
I'm incapable of keeping my mind off you
I feel as if you are impossible to repress
Vivid pictures are clear control, we undress
Thoughts of sex appeal
Our real feelings concealed
Nothing that belongs to you goddess needs revealed
Those smiles make contact with my gold seal
Wrapped like a ribbon around my heart
These souls surrounded by sugar
Sweet cinnamon Pop Tarts
Heated my believing that angels live in this female human being
Athena I'm seeing
Roman terms in English
Your beautiful true meanings
North Star

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