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Wally Boy Wonder - End Of Summer lyrics

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End Of Summer by Wally Boy Wonder

Take that my heart you break that
When you shake that, earthquake that
Like an arrow through the heart
Thought we'd never part
While you're blowing Kiss Darts
Me toppin' charts you breakin' hearts
Shoulda known and listened to the fellas
Thought those cats were just jealous
I was just a thing to you, just a fling to you
At nights I used to sing to you
And my heart I bring to you
You a queen me a king to you
You left me on the throne alone
A king without his queen at home
Feel the sting the busy bee has flown
True colors shown
Not seeing red, feeling blue
Yellow for the sun shining through the clouds
With these Reason sounds, tourin' towns
Soak this mic until it drowns
Groovin on, movin' on
Provin others wrong through this song
Tell me your name
And give me your number
A beautiful name
He's Wally Boy Wonder
You light up my flame
Rain brings the thunder
Will never be the same
At the end of the summer
Now here we go again
Summer love again
Can we hang again
Do this thang again
I kind of moved on from last year
This past year
You broke my heart remember?
Beginning of September?
Had a lot to think about
Wrote it out, spelled it out
Yelled it out, into the Shure
It's my only cure
Along with writin' scripts
But God I love those lips
Those hips enough to sink ships
Drown for the summer wear the crown
Let's play around lay around
But know where each other stands
No plans, no demands
No heartbreak, no heartache
Go our separate ways
Memories of each other stays
Your lovely ways amaze
Our vay kays fade into fall days
Through the winter let's text some
End of summer I'll see you on the next one
Sun shining above
You're the one that I love
Can't always get what you want

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