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Walker Clay - Loving You Comes Naturally to Me lyrics

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Loving You Comes Naturally to Me by Walker Clay

When the moon pulls the tide
The ocesn don't ask why
It just follows
No one has to tell the trees
It's time to grow new leaves
Down in the hollow
And I've heard it said
It's all of the good Lord's master plan
And now I understand why
Every time you walk in the room
I find myself reaching for you
I don't even have to try
'Cause just like the way
This heart of mine beats
Loving you comes naturally to me
Like singin' is to the birds
Never at a loss for words
When I'm near you
And every time I hold you tight
I get the feeling deep inside
I was born to
Girl, there ain't no doubt
It's the easiest thing I've ever done
And I know you'e the one 'caue

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