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Waka Flocka Flame - Big Homie Flocka lyrics

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Big Homie Flocka by Waka Flocka Flame

[Verse 1]
Gang bang nigga, you can’t hang nigga
You a strange nigga, we on painkillers
Hate lying nigga, worth 8 figures
Tell the feds come and get me
f**k the P’s, middle fingers
In my hood we clutching bangers
My young [?] switch the [?]
This is hiphop lil nigga, better grip a Glock nigga
You know how we rocking nigga, pull up with no rockets nigga
My lil shooter James Harden, he got aim, he got range
With that [?] he go Waka Flocka Flame yuh yuh yuh
Cross the line, we gon bust yo f**king brain yuh yuh
You a crip? You a blood? nigga what the f**k you plannin?
If a rapper drop my name, pop his chain, that’s on
Big Homie Flocka (×16)
[Verse 2]
My lil hoe on the powder, ‘fore we f**k, b**ch take a shower
Got the money and the power, get my dick smokin [?]
Heard a baby daddy sour, heard them [???]
f**k a foreign in that Chevy in the motherf**king mountain
If I say then I’m bout it, if I point then he [?]
b**ch you know a nigga vegan
b**ch you know I don’t do beans
b**ch you know we don’t do sit-downs
b**ch you know there ain’t no peace
Put the plastic on the walls, [?] grab a f**king [?]
Gangster from my head to feet, if they [???] then I’m [?]
Pockets full, yours on [?], don’t do freeze downs, ain’t sh*t free
You a rap nigga to me, only Trap niggas with me
Try the feature for a key, get that sh*t in the streets
Big Homie Flocka (×16)

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