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Vybz Kartel - Why Again lyrics

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Why Again by Vybz Kartel

Why you keep on doing it & know you shouldn't try
Why you treat your girls & eat your girls like they are pie
Why you keep on talkin & you runnin off your beak
Now we know you know that you go low & you won't speak
Mi ask him why him doin it him couldn't reply
So mi take off piece of him face wid a ply
Mi no Georgie Porgy No pudding No pie
If a mi fi nyam ooman I couldn't not I
Man fi stick to woman like Olive & Popeye
Elephant Man ma liver ma bliver nuh shy
When bwoy a plead & a beg & a buy
Our style hello, fuck her, bye bye
Big man a big man boy a boy
Bullet wid gunpowder no Lasco Lasoy
Sen any which boy fi get destroy
Dis boy nuh take no chat so nuh try
Nuff a dem no love when u rolling high
"Weh dem woulda want you do" strolling by
Nuff a dem no love when you rollin' deep
"Weh dem woulda want yuh do" strolling cheap
But money inna a bill fold whenever wi roll
Skill a Dan Alan "Skill" Cole
Whenever we roll
No platinum my chain will forever be gold
Oonu go tell Mr Madden dig a big hole
Fi a nigger weh a frig another nigga fi gold &
If a bitch tek her Mumma man di bitch a creech owl
Vendetta our story has never been told

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