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Vybz Kartel - More Pussy Fi Di Money lyrics

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More Pussy Fi Di Money by Vybz Kartel

True mi sey tek buddy gal and pussy haffi good, di whole ah dem talk bout mi slack,
And behind people back dem a climb pon man back.
If yuh ketch dem inna di act wid yuh kodak, Dem all woulda ketch heart attack.
Nuttin nice like when a gal wine pon my cocky till mi pop
So more pussy fi mi buddy
Dat mi ah study jam 2 Trevie weh yuh sey fi lessy
More buddy fi har pussy
Calypso sey bushy japan mushy mushy
but mi nah talk stushy [x2]
Mi nuh ungrateful chucky nor wucky and ducky
pussy tight and tucky mi wi play stucky an
Kick mi ball tru yuh goal like brukie
While mista sucky sucky nyam it like kentucky
Gimmie a guiness and a twenty dollar bag ah cutton
and beg droppa gutton
nope, dat affi wokin
duppy know who fi frighten mi nuh fraid ah duppy
So socitey dis ah mi priority
me sey...
[Chorus x2]
Everyday ah di same question, from
Motorist, Cyclist, Pedestriant
Why yuh do slack song?
Good question tekk buddy teach girls fi nuh tun lesbian
And pussy jaw teach man fi be man
Big man not a small nor beenie man
(timeless) If yuh nuh like mi style nor mi slam...
By celine dion cause mi nah stop sey
[Verse 1]

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