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Vomiturition - Extinction lyrics

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Extinction by Vomiturition

People of nature. Children of the sun.
Dancing around the campfire
Beating to their drums
In their minds they have one desire
How to reach the knowledge of an eternal
Birds in the sky are their eyes
Mountains are their protectors
But snakes are always appearing
In every paradise...
Glowing gold is sacred
It's a symbol of the sun god
According to a legend
He'll return from sea to land
Strange people boarding from the sea
Looking kind of weird
But gods are they not
They just want the land
Woman an gold
With the sand
Temples are destroyed
Gold has been traded with some toys
Mountains couldn't protect them
Birds in the sky. Didn't tell.
People of nature
Children of the sun
Dancing around the campfire
Screaming and beating their drums

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