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VOiD808 - Last Dance lyrics

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Last Dance by VOiD808

V1) Tonight I think back on
All the times we fought
And I remember the way we made up
And when I cried, my tears they said to you
I'm just a man, who made a mistake or two.
The things you said
It tore me in two
You were so mad
Let's pick up the pieces of a broken heart.
We cried the night away
You're in my arms
I knew I loved you.
Ch) Let's go away
For tonight I'll save the last dance for you
Find a way
To remember us tonight forever ---
V2) Take back the pictures
Is what you said to me
Don't even know what these memories you
What hurt the most was a picture that I saw
Of you and me standing by our Christmas tree.
Then I remember
Why we broke up
There was this picture of your friend I hooked up with
We never meant to, the kiss that we shared that night
It hurt you more than our meaningless fight.
Br) And if I said
Let's give it one more chance
What would you say and
Could you find
A reason for you to stay?

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