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Voices - Entertainment lyrics

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Entertainment by Voices

(M. Spohn, R. Peinelt, A. Torkler)
(from the album "InFormation", 1995)
We live in a world where information comes on 24 hours a day
And no-one' got a chance to escape, no-one can look away
For every theme it's own big channel on reality TV
Sports and war and so much more - we take part in history
But everything has got it's price so it must be commercialized
It must be commercialized - oh yes, it must be commercialized
And now: it's time for a commercial break!
Yeah, everything is ultra, everything is supra
It's mega, it's light and better than ever, so buy it now or never
But you should buy it before you ain't got the time anymore
Cause when the ultra-time increases speed it may be too late tomorrow
So buy it now and you will never have sorrow
The ultra-time has come but it is more like a bad dream
When history's dirty scenes happen live on the TV screen
Emotionless the people stare at people dying in a war
Perverted entertainment, even religion's sold like a whore
When the viewers sit next to the pilot in a flying F-15
The bomb that we just dropped was sponsored by candy chocolate cream
The Nielsen rating was almost perfect at eighty-four percent
And the prices of the slots for spots were raised to an unbelievable
Newsflash on ENTV, and these are the events:
ENTV purchased broadcasting rights for the war against Cardassia
For this project FS satellite 5 was launched successfully today
Two hundred billion dollar sponsoring contracts guarantee best quality
Telecast will be on 24 hours a day on ENTV's network 3
I had a frightening dream last night
In holophonic sound and colours like real so bright
They launched a satellite to air the final show of shows
And somewhere in another galaxy
The creatures didn't watch TV, they listened to the radio instead
Where the newsman said:
In our neighbour galaxy something happened yesterday
An accident occured but nothing dangerous comes our way
And in our world there are just the leaders of the former big states
On their lonely flight in space in bunkers, radiation-save
Cause someone pressed the button
It's the last thing he has done
And now the Mars is number three eclipsing our sun
Pictures of some TV scenes in my head
All a proove that this world is going mad
Harm, hurt and injury have become triviality
With fascination we see devastation
The bitter truth lies deep inside the mentality of the human race
And we all have lost the good taste of style and grace
Noone anymore needs fantasy cause now there is reality-TV
It shows us live from everywhere the entertaining art of brutality

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