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Viking - Welcome To Scandinavia lyrics

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Welcome To Scandinavia by Viking

"Take a walk in the middle of a winter night/ in a forest all alone/ and you will understand what I mean/ it actually speaks"/ The noisy silence will never leave alone/ It's the wind that every night wildly blows/ Welcome to Scandinavia, Welcome to Scandinavia// Come with me/ I'll take you to a place where you've never been/ And the snow falls down over me/ so free// The best colours are brown, green, white and blue/ the trees, the snow/ the lakes/ I see the elks running through the wide meadows/ oh oh / Welcome to Scandinavia, Welcome to Scandinavia // Come...// I'm in love with all the people of the North/ even with the enemies/ I know they might change/ Everything is incredibly perfect/ there's nothing that rots/ Odin made Scandinavia, yeah, Odin made Scandinavia//

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